Seeking Zoe

The Lord has been so faithful to open doors for me to write again! I have always been a teacher and a writer at heart. So here is a sample of my children’s literature….stay tuned for my new Adventure series books. I cannot wait to share! The first draft has been completed and we are working on the publishing stage. Until then…

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Seeking Zoe

Once upon a time there was a girl named Charis. She was a daughter of the Most High King, so all the riches of the kingdom would one day be hers. One would think Charis had it all, but contentment eluded her. Every day Charis would wander about the castle, flitting from one thing to the next, but enjoying nothing. Her busyness often left her tired, discontent, and even irritable. Now Charis had a maidservant named Zoe. Zoe was a hard worker, and rightly so, as she had much hard work to do, looking after Charis, who required much attention and special care. One day Charis said thoughtfully, “There’s something about you that makes you different from all the others. What is it?” Zoe was a humble girl and very plain, but she had a certain delight about her that intrigued Charis. “Oh please! Won’t you show me?”

So Zoe began taking Charis for walks along the garden path. They would explore the secret places at the castle, the paths seldom walked. Zoe would point out things to which Charis never thought to pay attention, miracles of sort. A spider spinning a web, a bluebird gathering for her nest, an ant carrying a crumb back to his hill. Charis delighted to watch a butterfly sip nectar from the daffodil and squealed with joy when a frog hopped onto the lily pad and floated across the pond. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but there was life in Zoe that was different than all the other girls she knew.

One day Charis asked her again, “Zoe, you’re different. I see something in you-a light. It makes me want to be with you.” Zoe just smiled. “It’s time to show you something.” They walked expectantly along one of the garden paths, far away from the castle. There were no flowers, no blooms, only dead branches and overgrown limbs. But Charis thought it was an excellent place to explore. With the new gift Zoe had given her to examine things with a new lens and to find beauty in even the darkest places, Charis set  out.

The girls uncovered the grass beneath the rotting limbs. Charis spotted it first – a sprout of green miraculously springing forth from the dry ground, as if trying desperately to reach the sun, defying the weight of the burden that had been placed upon it. Upon closer inspection, there were others, too, defying their seemingly impossible odds to sustain life. “Look,” Charis said, “this little flower is just like me. It’s searching with all its strength. Desperately searching.”

Zoe giggled and smiled a secret grin. “Charis, don’t you know who you are? You’re a daughter of the king. Don’t you realize the worth of your name? Your name, Charis, is Grace, undeserved kindness. Every breath, everything we have is Grace, a gift, given to us by our Wonderful Creator, our Good God. He’s here with us when we slow down and look for Him. He says ‘When you seek me you will find me.’ ” (Matthew 7:7)

Charis just sat there silently, taking it all in. “I can’t believe I never knew. The joy was a part of me all along. And all this time I’ve been searching for the special thing you have – it was inside me too. Zoe said, “It’s the Spirit of God.” Charis smiled, and they sat for a long time in contented quiet as they tended to the green shoot. Charis broke the silence, “What about you? What does Zoe mean?” Zoe looked up and smiled warmly. “Zoe means fullness of life, abundant life. And that’s what God does. He takes a life that is hopeless and breathes new life into it. He gives us purpose and meaning when we ask Him and obey Him.  Zoe, is what you seek, it means a life filled with the fullest purpose and meaning.” Charis replied, “Of course it does. It suits you perfectly.” The two girls walked home together in the sunset, new life having awakened in Charis that would leave her forever changed.


“charis” means “grace,” in the Greek.

“zoe” is a Greek word meaning “absolute fullness of life.”

Jesus said, “The Spirit alone gives eternal life. Human effort accomplishes nothing. And the very words I have spoken to you are spirit and life [zoe].” John 6:63

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