Hope in Suffering

We are shaped by our sadness

Refined by the fire.

But God does never slumber

Nor does He ever tire.


We just keep on asking

Though we don’t feel we should

God is working constantly

For our greatest good


And in His love and mercy

I might can catch a glimpse

Of the work He’s weaving

As my roots grow into Him


I have seen God’s goodness

in the land where I am living

And all the more I am convinced

It’s all about the giving


So when you start to question

Why these trials never seem to end

His greatest power comes through you

When you turn the pain to Him


So do what’s hard and give him thanks

For it’s there He shows His power

I’m just so humbled that in His Grace

He’s using me this hour


I want to experience victory

But I”m just called to obey

He’s already named victorious

So for Him, I can risk it all today


He’s allowing me to see

The front of the tapestry

My roots are growing down into Him

As I become holy


Let us pour our pain to Him

For sadness births great hope

So let us share our stories

Let the redeemed say so!

built structure against sunset sky
Photo by Shayla on Pexels.com

~ Written after the loss of both parents, 2016

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