Amazing Coconut Oil for Health

Coconut oil has been used for many years and the list of benefits and uses is almost unending. Here are some great ways to use it in your daily life.

For the Face:

  • dark circles under eyes
  • makeup remover
  • sun spots
  • lip balm (has SPF) – dry, cracked lips. Combine with lavendar and frankincense essential oils, found here.
  • cold sores
  • dry nostrils

For the Body:

  • bruise healing
  • eczema/psoriasis
  • constipation
  • ringworm or fungal infections – athlete’s foot
  • skin moisturizer-especially dry heels & elbows
  • conditioner
  • use as a soap base with water and lye
  • face/ body scrub – melt first, then allow to cool & add sugar for exfolliant
  • shave cream
  • bath oil
  • deoterant base (add 3-4 T coconut oil and 1 T cornstarch)
  • de-frizz hair

For Pain:


  • sore throat
  • inflammation
  • dry, hacking cough – swallow 1 teaspoon
  • DIY vapor rub- add peppermint oil or RC oil. Order HERE.
  • food poisoning relief- OJ + 3 T coconut oil

Around the House

  • grease pans – this works very well for muffins!!
  • prevent tupperware stains
  • extend egg life
  • season cast iron pans
  • removes rust – let sit for 2 hours then wipe clean


  • insect repellant
  • diaper cream


  • wood or metal polish
  • soap scum
  • cleans ink



  • My favorite chocolate treats: 2 packs of Enjoy Life Dairy Free chocolate chips/chunks, 2 T coconut oil, 1 t pink sea salt. Melt in double boiler. spoon into candy wrappers (like Reeces cup). add almond butter or gummy bears (my favorite). top with more chocolate. place in fridge to harden and enjoy!
  • Coconut Fat Bombs:2.6 oz coconut butter, softened, 2.6 oz coconut oil, .8 oz finely shredded coconut, 1 t granulated sweetener. Mix. Pour into candy wrappers (like Reeces cup). Refrigerate 10 minutes.

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