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In keeping with the theme of gratitude and thanksgiving this month, have you heard of the latest epidemic of kindness going on across the world? Pay it forward chains occur when someone pays kindness to a stranger and then challenges that person to “pay it forward” to the next person. These “chains” have been known to last for hours in drive-thru restaurants and involve hundreds of people paying kindness forward.

This concept is one of the main reasons I chose the name of my blog. The idea of passing out kindness to strangers is, I believe, the reason we have been placed on this earth. To love one another and point them to the source of love, our Creator, God Himself.

Wondering how you can get involved? Even if you don’t drink Starbucks or eat at fast food restaurants, you can still get in on the pay it forward action. There are a multitude of ideas. If you have others, post them in comments below! Together, we’ll start a world-wide kindness epidemic.

1. At a drive through, pay for the car behind’s meal and give the cashier a Pay it Forward card to pass on…You could do this at the train station, at a coffee shop – anywhere you like.

2. If it is raining, give your umbrella together with a card to someone who does not have one. (it might be worth taking a spare one with you 🙂

3. Visit an elderly neighbor’s house and ask them if they need anything repaired.

4. Donate some money to your favorite charity – Be an advocate and encourage others to do the same by collecting some donation money from people at work.

5. Tell the manager of a restaurant how great your waiter/waitress was. This can happen in any store / business you visit. Aim at brightening someone else’s day

6. Talk to parking attendants – try and get them to hand out Pay it Forward cards instead of Parking fines – wouldn’t that be nice? Alternatively you could top up other people’s parking metres to stop them getting a fine.

7. Cook a casserole for a new mother. Caring for newborns is tiring and draining. Mothers will appreciate the ability to eat something home-cooked without having to cook it herself.

8. Buy Lottery Scratch-Off tickets and put one in an envelope with a “Pay It Forward Card” inserted. Hand it to a receptionist on the way out of a business appointment. You just might change that person’s whole life.

9. Give a homeless person some food vouchers along with a Pay it Forward card

10. If you are washing your own car or mowing your own lawn, do the same for your next door neighbor

11. At your office, thank the people who generally do not get thanked. Everyone’s part is essential and no one’s job is purposeless. Thank the mail guy, the girl who orders supplies, or the door person.

12. Drive an older person in the neighborhood to the grocery store (they will love the opportunity to get out of the house, as well) or if they aren’t able to go themselves, take their list and go to the store for them. If at all possible, pay for their things.

13. Be a mentor for someone who needs some support.

14.Do some work for a client or one that can’t afford your services free of charge – just ask that they Pay it Forward

These ideas are adapted from a website where you can actually print off the Pay it Forward cards to give to others, along with your deed of kindness.

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